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February 2021

February 25, 2021
Newsletter Archive

Good afternoon. I would like to provide a few updates about recent developments in Congress and share some important information.


I recently introduced the Stop Corporations and Higher Earners from Avoiding Taxes and Enforce Rules Strictly (“Stop CHEATERS Act”) to focus more tax enforcement on the ultra-rich. It is long past time we stop allowing corporations and high-income earners to avoid paying the taxes they owe. They need to pay taxes like ordinary hard-working Americans do.

Without raising taxes on anyone, the Stop CHEATERS Act would raise an estimated $1.2 trillion in revenue over ten years by investing $100 billion in IRS enforcement over the next decade. That money would expand auditing and reporting requirements to prevent tax cheating from the wealthiest corporations and individuals. This bill does not impose new requirements on small business owners, who would continue to prepare and pay their taxes as usual.

The Stop CHEATERS Act will make America’s tax system fairer by giving the IRS the resources it needs to put an end to runaway tax evasion by the ultra-rich and the wealthiest corporations in the U.S.

Chair of the Subcommittee on the Environment

I am pleased to announce that I am the new chair of the House Oversight and Reform Subcommittee on Environment for the 117th Congress. My priorities will be to fight both climate change and climate disinformation, create green jobs and protect communities left behind from the detrimental effects of climate change, and end fossil fuel subsidies.

I envision a nation that works towards 100 percent clean energy, low emissions, and communities with good quality sustainable employment. I will use my new leadership role to do everything I can to make our vision a reality.

Single Dose of COVID-19 Vaccine

I sent a letter to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Director Rochelle Walensky and White House COVID-19 Response Coordinator Jeffrey Zients, urging them to consider a one-dose vaccination regimen to rapidly scale up the number of vaccinations administered in the United States. A new study out of the UK found that one dose of the vaccine reduced the risk of infection by 72 percent after three weeks. If clinical data supports an effective one-dose vaccine regimen, it could nearly double our daily vaccination numbers, simplify administration, and reduce COVID-19 deaths in the long run.

District Section

As the Administration works to expand production and distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine, our goal is to ensure that every American receives it as soon as possible in order to save lives and bring an end to the pandemic. Please refer to these important links regarding vaccine distribution:

When is my turn?

California Vaccine Dashboard

Santa Clara County Vaccine Dashboard

Alameda County Vaccine Dashboard

Our District Office continues to prioritize constituent services and federal agency casework. We are hopeful that the Biden administration will be more amenable to expediting visa processing wait times and removing various administrative hurdles placed by the Trump administration. Earlier this month, our office resumed expedited requests to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services for certain visa types. We are monitoring the situation closely and will continue to press for expedited processing times if delays continue to place burdens on the immigrant visa holders of our district.

Facebook Live Town Halls

Thank you to all who participated in this month’s Facebook Live town hall. In March, I will host a Facebook Live town hall on Monday, March 22nd at noon Pacific. Please be sure to follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @RepRoKhanna.


Compromise in Congress

A Just Foreign Policy


Constituent Services

Caseworkers in my Santa Clara office are available to help Silicon Valley residents navigate the bureaucracy of federal agencies and any other concerns during the COVID-19 crisis. My staff can help you solve problems with immigration, visas, Social Security payments and VA paperwork, among other areas. Please call my office at (408) 436-2720 between 9:00am and 5:00pm Monday-Friday if you need assistance. Your call will be promptly answered (remotely) by my staff. You can also contact me online at any time at While we are unable to meet in-person, my staff is ready to help. Visit my website for more information.