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July 2020

July 30, 2020
Newsletter Archive

Good afternoon. I would like to provide a few updates about recent developments in Congress and share some important information, particularly regarding the COVID-19 pandemic.

George Floyd Justice in Policing Act

Americans across the country are speaking out and demanding action to address the crisis of systemic racism and police brutality. The House listened and passed the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act to hold police accountable, change the culture of policing, and build trust between law enforcement and our communities. 

Please visit now to learn more about the bill. You will also have the option to share your thoughts, and you may choose to become a citizen cosponsor.

Your voice is critical in this effort as we work to create positive change.

Paycheck Protection Program Extended

I voted with my colleagues in the House to unanimously pass an extension for the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) to help employers keep their workers through August 8th.  The PPP is a loan program designed to provide funds for businesses with fewer than 500 employees to keep them on the payroll. During this difficult time, it is critical that we do all we can to keep small businesses open so that Americans have jobs to go back to once this crisis subsides.

House Approves a Green Infrastructure Bill

I proudly voted in favor of H.R. 2, the Moving Forward Act, which would provide $1.5 trillion for green infrastructure improvements. If enacted, this bill would allocate $500 billion in the transportation budget to reduce emissions. Much of that would be accomplished by fixing crumbling roads and bridges, upgrading public transit to reduce their emissions, and electrifying the U.S. Postal Service fleet. The Moving Forward Act also includes:

  • $100 billion for low income schools
  • $100 billion for public housing
  • $100 billion for broadband internet access
  • $70 billion for clean energy projects
  • $30 billion to upgrade hospitals
  • $4.5 billion to replace lead pipes leading into homes.

America’s infrastructure needs improvement, especially in response to the COVID-19 health crisis and the economic fallout resulting from massive job losses. Upgrading our infrastructure will not only provide a strong foundation for our economy once it reopens, but also jobs for Americans eager to get back to work and contribute to our economic recovery.

Updates in the District

Our district office staff is still working diligently on casework related to the COVID-19 pandemic and its economic impact while continuing to push forward on important local issues. Last week my staff met virtually with the South Bay Odor Stakeholders’ Group to work toward solving ongoing odor issues in Milpitas. Here are a few important updates:

  1. The Bay Area Air Quality Management District South Bay Odor study will proceed in August & October as planned, as will the full winter sampling schedule.
  2. There is a new agreement to limit the transportation of organic material between processing sites on Newby Island, which appears to have already reduced the odor. 
  3. After a COVID-related pause, the City of Milpitas’s separate Odor Impact Study will restart soon, in coordination with the South Bay Odor Source Study. 

As always, if you have anything you want to bring to our attention, please contact the district office in Santa Clara.

Facebook Live Town Halls

Thank you to all who participated in this month’s Facebook Live town halls. In August, I will host Facebook Live town halls on August 11th and August 25th at noon Pacific. Please be sure to follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @RepRoKhanna.

The Next COVID Relief Bill Must Invest in Teachers

As we prepare for schools to reopen at least partially in the fall, it’s clear that more federal support for education is needed. In an op-ed in Time with Sen. Tammy Baldwin (D-WI), we advocate for funding professional development for educators and the integration of technology in the next COVID-19 relief bill so that students of color, students with disabilities, and students from low-income households are not left behind.

Congress Should Welcome Our Troops Home

The House Armed Services Committee included two measures restricting the president from withdrawing troops from abroad in its annual defense bill. These amendments would prevent the administration from bringing our troops home from Afghanistan and Germany without first navigating a maze of stipulations. However, in an op-ed in the Daily Caller with Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL), we assert that Congress should lead the effort to disentangle our troops from endless foreign wars and bring them home.


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Creating Jobs in America

Constituent Services

Caseworkers in my Santa Clara office are available to help Silicon Valley residents navigate the bureaucracy of federal agencies and any other concerns during the COVID-19 crisis. My staff can help you solve problems with immigration, visas, Social Security payments and VA paperwork, among other areas. Please call my office at (408) 436-2720 between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm Monday-Friday if you need assistance. Your call will be promptly answered (remotely) by my staff. You can also contact me online at any time at While we are unable to meet in-person, my staff is ready to help. Visit my website for more information.