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Government Shutdown Newsletter

January 20, 2018
Newsletter Archive

I want to assure you that my offices will be open and our work for you and the people in Silicon Valley will continue. If you have a question or a problem with the federal agency, you can reach me or my staff here — or call the Washington office at (202) 225-2631 or my Santa Clara district office at (408) 436-2720 during normal business hours Monday through Friday.

During the federal government shutdown, critical national security agencies including the Departments of Defense and Homeland Security as well as the FBI and TSA will remain open. Additionally, the U.S. Post Office will remain open and operational, but many other federal agencies and offices will be closed.

If my staff is working with you on a case or any other federal matter, please note that there may be delays that will be out of our control indefinitely. However, please be advised that the State of California and municipal operations will not be affected. Here is a link to a summary of the federal agencies and operations affected by the shutdown.

Until the budget process is finally resolved, please know that I will continue to work with my colleagues on a responsible compromise that funds the federal government while also addressing the critical priorities such as legal status for DACA and the Dreamers, renewing the Children’s Health Insurance Program, and ensuring that the government stays open and is at your service.

Thank you for your attention and patience at this time. I will keep you updated and stand ready to assist you throughout this shutdown. Please do share any thoughts, suggestions, or concerns.