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Rep. Ro Khanna Re-offers Amendment to NDAA Budget That Would Prevent Refueling Aircrafts Used in Yemen Humanitarian Crisis

June 21, 2018
In The News

— HOUSE DEFENSE APPROPRIATIONS AMENDMENTS DUE: Amendments to the fiscal 2019 defense appropriations bill are due this morning. The measure would provide the Pentagon just under $675 billion for the coming fiscal year.

And as a humanitarian crisis in Yemen looms, Rep. Ro Khanna (D-Calif.) plans to re-offer his amendment to the bill to prevent U.S. refueling of aircraft used in the campaign against the Houthis there.

HOUSE APPROPRIATORS APPROVE STATE-FOREIGN OPS BILL, reports our colleague Kaitlyn Burton: “House appropriators on Wednesday approved their 10th fiscal 2019 spending bill in a meeting that was dominated by Democratic criticism of migrant family separations at the Southwest border...

“The bill would provide $16.2 billion for the Department of State and related agencies, $163 million above current spending. Of this, $6.1 billion is for embassy security, on par with fiscal 2018’s allocation. The legislation also contains $9.3 billion for international security assistance, a $239 million hike from current levels.”