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Khanna offers Internet Bill of Rights update

May 3, 2018
In The News

BILL OF RIGHTS UPDATE — A draft of Rep. Ro Khanna’s internet bill of rights — a set of consumer data privacy regulations — has been circulated among senior Silicon Valley executives and Washington advocacy groups. The California Democrat is now in the process of soliciting feedback and, he hopes, garnering support from the likes of Facebook, Google and Apple, as well as the Center for Democracy and Technology, Public Knowledge and Electronic Frontier Foundation. He’s also bouncing ideas off Obama administration tech officials like Todd Park, Nicole Wong and Alexander Macgillivray. “As important as getting the support of Congress is getting the support of some of the tech leaders who really understand this space,” Khanna told POLITICO.

— When will the public see those rules? Khanna expects in “the next month or so.” He compares them to the list of rights passengers find posted inside a taxicab. Instead, you might find these on a company’s homepage. They would make it clear that consumers own their data, and have right to move or delete it, he said. This bill of rights would not be as “intrusive” as the General Data Protection Regulation rules that take effect in Europe this month, Khanna said, which in his view require consumers to consent to data sharing too frequently. “My interest in this is to come up with something that has the buy-in of all my colleagues and it’s not to score political points,” Khanna said. “If we come up with the right principles, my hope is it's something that could pass regardless of who has control of Congress.”